About AAMA

AAMA is a non-profit association dedicated to providing education, information and leadership in promoting and improving mass media awareness and mass media education in homes, schools, colleges, universities, private sector and work places across Alberta. The association members work together and in partnerships with other groups, institutions and associations to:

  • provide forums for information, discussion and action on mass media issues.
  • prepare suggestions and reactions to mass media issues such as governmental policy and programs.
  • provide information sessions and workshops on mass media issues.
  • organize conferences and training institutes on mass media production, literacy, mass media analysis (reading, deconstruction skills) and curricula.
  • provide consultation on mass media issues, topics, policies and programs.
  • maintain a resource network to support mass media study, awareness and research.
  • provide information on speakers and workshop leaders on mass media issues, topics, education and training.
  • communicate media developments, issues and activities through periodic publications such as newsletters, occasional papers, conference presentations, the mass media and bibliographies.
  • promote and encourage the production of educational resources designed to promote and improve the awareness and understanding of mass media.
  • establish action networks with parents, educators, schools, post-secondary institutions, producers, broadcasters, the private sector and other associations, groups and agencies.

For more information, please download the AAMA Brochure.