AAMA Media Ed Newsletter #13

Here is the 13th Edition of AAMA’s Media Education Newsletter. Highlights in this issue include: * A summary report on Dr. Phil McRae’s address as our keynote speaker during our Annual General Meeting in May 2010. * Best and latest media literacy teaching resources. * An Alberta student’s award winning Grade 12 essay on the topic “Facing Up To Facebook: How Does The Traditional Newspaper Survive?” * Summary Book Reviews: “Teaching History With Film: Strategies for Secondary Social Studies” and “Sportscasters/Sportscasting: Principles and Practices”. * Article: “Research Shows Even Young Children Be Branded” and much, much more… . . . → Read More: AAMA Media Ed Newsletter #13

AAMA Media Ed Newsletter #12

Here is the 12th Edition of our Media Education and Awareness Newsletter. Highlights include… * Athabasca University to deliver Canada’s first on-line media education course. * Summary: “Is airbrushing creating unbelievable beauty?” * Measuring students’ digital literacy. * Can posting an Internet link land you in court? * Reseach: Girls abandon dolls for high-tech toys. And much, much more… . . . → Read More: AAMA Media Ed Newsletter #12

AAMA Parent Newsletter #2

In this edition of the AAMA Parent Newsletter, look for… * Study: Why on-screen sex doesn’t sell. * Report: Best family movies from 2009 from Parent Previews * Depictions of risky behavior in PG and G rated movies. And much more… . . . → Read More: AAMA Parent Newsletter #2

AAMA Media Ed Newsletter #10

Hot off the computer, here is the 10th Edition of the AAMA Media Education Newsletter. Highlights include: * Exclusive picks from the Toronto International Film Festival from AAMA Executive member Nicholas Spillios. * New policy statements on media use from U.S. medical group. * Summaries: “Twilight of the American Newspaper” and “Why Summers Matter in the Rich/Poor Achievement Gap” (a focus on summer reading). And much, much more… . . . → Read More: AAMA Media Ed Newsletter #10

AAMA Parents Newsletter #1

Here is our premiere edition of the AAMA Parents Newsletter — written for parents, grandparents and families who want to be more media aware and literate. Highlights from this edition: * Teaching from photographs: Helping kids understand how photo retouching distorts reality. * Sharing grief on Facebook. Is it a good idea? * Alberta TV host promotes family fitness. And much, much more… . . . → Read More: AAMA Parents Newsletter #1

Media Ed Newsletter #9

Welcome to the Ninth Edition of AAMA’s Media Education Newsletter… Here are some of the topics we are covering in this edition: * How “zapping” ads won’t stop you from being “Sold”. * Learn about the Student News Cafe * Study: Online Social Networks are Leaking Personal Information * Report: Net Neutrality in the U.S. * Can anonymous bloggers say anything they want? And much, much more… . . . → Read More: Media Ed Newsletter #9

February 2009 Newsletter

It’s the February 2009 Newsletter! Here’s what you will find in this edition: * Find out how the NFB plans to share its library online… for FREE! * Summary: Can social websites harm the brains of young children? Research from the UK. * Study: Experts back computers and Internet as learning tools for children as young as three. * Study: Effects of video games reaches beyond teen years. * Summary: Is technology causing a decline in critical thinking? And much, much more! . . . → Read More: February 2009 Newsletter

October 2008 Newsletter

The October 2008 newsletter is here! In this edition you can learn about the following: * AAMA’s “Branding Party” in Calgary to celebrate Media Education Week. * A summary of our earlier AGM presentation on “Adolescent Use of Pornography in Alberta”. * An extensive chapter-by-chapter review of Media, Learning and Sites of Possibility. * Teens with bedroom TVs report falling grades and poor diets. And much, much more! . . . → Read More: October 2008 Newsletter

April 2008 Newsletter

The April 2008 newsletter features: The latest update on post secondary media literacy education opporunties. An opportunity to learn movie making from Oscar-nominated director Baz Luhrmann. Find out about TeacherTube — it’s YouTube for teachers! A review of Our Schools, Our Selves: Media Education and Educating the Media. Also the latest calendar of events and much, much more… . . . → Read More: April 2008 Newsletter