Two Upcoming Webinars Focus on Youth, Educators and Social Networking

We have some news from our colleagues in the U.S. NAMLE is the National Association for Media Literacy Education and they are joining our Canadian friends at Media Literacy Week for two exciting webinars. Here are the details as provide by NAMLE…

To celebrate Media Smarts Media Literacy Week, NAMLE is collaborating for our third annual ML Week webinar series. This year’s theme for ML Week is Youth & Social Networking. Because we know U.S. educators have so much to say on this topic, we have scheduled not one but TWO exciting events.

On Wednesday, October 29 (6p.m. EST), we will discuss youth media and media literacy with NAMLE member organizations that are also local and national leaders in the youth media field.

Here is the link for the October 29th event. Participants include:
Free Spirit Media
Matthew Johnson, Director of Education for Media Smarts
Moderated by David Cooper Moore, NAMLE Leadership Council Member

On Wednesday, November 5 (6p.m. EST), we will profile K-12 leaders and practitioners who are finding ways to integrate media literacy and youth media into teaching and learning in formal learning environments.

Here is the link for the November 5th event. Participants include:
Convergence Academies
Mark Day School
Matthew Johnson, Director of Education for Media Smarts
Additional info to come…

We’re looking forward to hearing from educators who are making media literacy a reality in their organizations, schools, and communities. Please join us for these conversations!

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