World Summit on Media for Children and Youth

June 14-18; 2010 — World Summit on Media for Children and Youth — “Challenges in Young People’s World of Communication” — Karlstad, Sweden

The Summit will be held in Karlstad, Sweden and will host 2,000 delegates from 100 countries and feature the world’s leading experts on children and media. The event will offer opportunities to network, to be part of debates, to be interactive and to be part of workshops to share your perspective, experience and expertise.

The theme for the 2010 Summit is “Challenges in young people’s world of communication.” It will feature:

  • Supporting teachers and recreation instructors so they can progress from an outsider position to involvement in the media and information society.
    Providing a scientific basis for media training.
  • Giving the decision-makers access to findings from the world of research as a basis for their decisions.
  • Giving the media industry increased knowledge of modern research to be used in developing production and distribution.
  • Giving decision-makers insight into the role of the media industry and the prerequisites for producing and distributing high-quality content for children and young people.
  • Improving the status and availability of media education.
  • Increasing children’s and young people’s involvement in and influence on media content.
  • Create and develop an increased dialogue between the media production and content creation, media education and educators, media research and policy-making and children and youth participation in the media.

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