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On this page we present a collection of resources for teachers, parents, students and anyone else interested in learning more about the vast world of media literacy, awareness and education. Immediately following this paragraph are two Canadian websites we feel offer a vast amount of information on this topic. Below that, we have categorized many other sites on the Internet that offer related information and resources. We encourage you to send us information on any related resources we may have missed. Finally, a “Thank You” to the pioneering Media Literacy Online Project at the University of Oregon for providing the foundation to this list.

Media Awareness Network: The Media Awareness Network is "home to one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of media literacy and digital literacy resources." This Canadian site is the online portal to the non-profit organization that has been a pioneer in the development of media literacy programs since 1996. It has a huge collection of down-loadable resources, an updated list of events, current research and much more.

The Jesuit Communication Project: For over 25 years the Jesuit Communication Project (or JCP) has been "Promoting Media Education in Schools Across Canada." Located in Toronto, Ontario, the headquarters house a massive library of media literacy resources. Online, the website offers teaching materials, references and bibliographies. The JCP most recent success is developing Canada’s first online media literacy course for teachers, Inside Plato’s Cave.

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