Web 3.0 at AAMA 2010 AGM

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Philip McRae

On May 11, 2010, members of AAMA were provided with the opportunity to learn about the possible new ways the Internet will affect our lives during Dr. Philip McRae’s keynote presentation Web 3.0: Are You Ready To Dive In?

Holding a cell phone, Dr. McRae speaks about how the Internet is becoming a pervasive part of our lives well beyond simply using a computer.

Dr. McRae, Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta and Executive Staff Officer with the Alberta Teachers’ Association, presented some very interesting thoughts that challenge us to think differently about how we interact with the Internet. While the Internet provides an incredible opportunity for us to communicate with diverse groups of people, he asked us to consider if the current emphasis on social networking wasn’t also allowing us to simply find more people who share the same thoughts and opinions we do.

He also provided examples of new technologies that take this one step further, by providing us with books, music, movies, products and even friends who have the same political and social perspectives. Challenging us to remember that diversity is required for any biological organism to survive, Dr. McRae suggests the next evolution of the Internet may leave us even more divided in our differences rather than forcing us to work together and create synergy and new ideas.

New AAMA Board Elected

After Dr. McRae’s presentation, the AAMA board held the business portion of our annual general meeting, during which a new slate of board members was elected and unanimously approved:

President: Wayne Blair

Vice-President: Rod Gustafson

Secretary/Treasurer: Henry Johns

Directors-At-Large: Kerry Bennett, Nicholas Spillios, Dulcie Gretton, Mark Power

AAMA plans for more highly interesting events like this, and provides them to our current members for very little cost ($5!). We invite you to join AAMA and help us bring critical thinking about media, technology and popular culture to all Alberta citizens.

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