Why Do News Stories Get Buried Or Disseminated Widely?

When I received an email about the building of the Russian Teardrop Memorial in New York, I was a bit skeptical since I had heard nothing about such an important event. I immediately went to Snopes to check whether it was correct and found out that it was.

Today I Googled “Teardrop Memorial” and found many other links to the event. The best I found are:

and this video on YouTube (story continues below video):

There are also many other websites which also offer information on this event which you may find if you also google “Teardrop Memorial.”
Please excuse my language but “Where the &$#@* were the media when this event took place?!!!!!!” This exercise in American-Russian solidarity against terrorism surely marks a turning point in history! I would have expected the sod turning, construction, and dedication of a monument of the size of and across from the Statue of Liberty to be front page news in newspapers and the lead story on TV and Radio. Instead, it has been ignored by the mainstream media. Was it because the events were good news instead of bad news? Was it because President Putin and the Russians should not receive any credit for good intentions towards the West? Or was it because ex President Clinton was the main speaker at the dedication? Or was American-Russian solidarity against terrorism to be suppressed? Or was there some other reason? Here in 2005 was the best news since 9/11 and the mainstream media simply ignored it!

Fortunately, the monument is made of stone and a durable teardrop of durable nickel covered material. It will far outlast the paper of newspapers and magazines and the electromagnetic waves of radio, TV, and computer information. The monument will serve as a reminder of a time when the U.S.A. (the West) and Russia came together to fight the terrorist threats which try to destabilize our societies. Situated as it is across from the Statue of Liberty, it will stand as a reminder that the world will not tolerate minorities trying to change our societies by violence or threats of violence.

It is also a reminder that, as we once united to get rid of Hitler and his gang of cohorts, we will once again unite to get rid of the terrorists who seek to force their will on us. It is a fitting memorial to 9/11 and a generous gift for which we should thank the Russians! (And that includes Canadians of whom I am one.)

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