Has Airbrushing Gone Too Far?

UK University of Lincoln student paper The Linc has an interesting article by Stacey Cosens, asking if airbrushing is creating unachievable beauty. An excerpt:

It is a common tool used in the media industry, but certain evidence suggests that airbrushing may have gone too far. We are bombarded with images of the ‘perfect body’ in every magazine and film – but the question The Linc’s Style team want to raise is whether this is even possible to achieve without the wonders of Photoshop.

In a recent survey by leading women’s magazine Cosmopolitan, 60% of over 1000 women surveyed weren’t confident with their bodies. With airbrushed photos all over magazines, many women are left feeling inadequate and striving to reach a goal they can never achieve.

This article looks at various sources and provides an excellent backdrop to the idea of body image and the perfection of beauty we see in media. It also links to this popular short film from Dove illustrating just how far a face can be reformed, reprocessed and remade:

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