TV Viewing Habits Change for Young Consumers

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study released in January 2010, watching regularly-scheduled TV has declined by 25 minutes. But don’t think that is because kids are turning off the television. Instead they are increasingly accessing it on the Internet, cell phones and iPods resulting in an increase of 38 more minutes of tube time.

In a news release published on line, (
a012010nr.cfm), Foundation Vice President Victoria Rideout remarked, “The
bottom line is that all these advances in media technology are making it much
easier for young people to spend more and more time with media. It’s more important than ever that researchers, policymakers and parents stay on top of the
impact it’s having on their lives.”

Along with changing TV viewing habits, the study also looked at parent and media
rules and the use of media in the home. Only about three in ten youths report
having rules about how much time they can spend watching TV, playing video
games or using the computer.

As well, the report looked at the increase of new online activities like social networking sites. According to the findings, 74% of all teens in grades 7 – 12 report
having a profile on a social networking site, with girls spending more time than
boys on these sites.

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