Global Media And Information Literacy Week 2016

The Sixth Annual Global Celebration Of Media And Information Literacy
(MIL) Week Will Take Place From 31 October To 5 November, 2016, Under
The Theme “Media And Information Literacy: New Paradigms For
Intercultural Dialogue”. The Global MIL Week 2016 Feature Event
Includes The Sixth Media And Information Literacy And Intercultural
Dialogue (MILID) Conference And The First General Assembly Of The
Global Alliance For Partnerships On Media And Information Literacy
(GAPMIL). The Feature Event Is Hosted By The University Of São Paulo,
Brazil, And Will Take Place From 2 To 5 November, 2016.

Media has gone global with most households having access to radio,
television or newspapers. The Internet has gone or is going global
propelling media, libraries and all forms of information providers
with it.

The opportunities, risks and challenges of new access to information,
the Internet and media have also gone global.

The same goes for development opportunities and challenges arising
from living in a global village, which concern us all. Yet citizens’
critical competencies to engage with information and media for
sustainable development have not gone global.

UNESCO, together with GAPMIL, UNAOC, and the International Media and
Information Literacy University Network, intend to accelerate the
process of imparting media and information literacy competencies to
all citizens by expanding the impact of the Global MIL Week. The
purpose of Global MIL Week is to promote MIL connections across
educational institutions, organizations, policies, professions,
initiatives and nations.

After five earlier successful editions, this year’s Global MIL Week
will take place in a much larger scale, in the forms of an
international feature event, as well as local and regional events
organized around the globe.

For more information, check the Global MIL Week website:

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